6 Long-standing Decor Trends That Won’t Stand the Test of Time in 2021

6 Long-standing Decor Trends That Won’t Stand the Test of Time in 2021

Looking to start the new year in a home that feels fresh and modern? Before you embrace 2021’s decor trends, you may have to remove some items that make your rooms look a little outdated.

Wondering where to begin? Take a look at the styles that are decidedly “out” for 2021 and the ones that are ready to replace them.

1- Barn doors are gettin’ put out to pasture.

It looks like farmhouse chic has seen it’s peak. Barn doors will be replaced by pocket doors or classic French doors in 2021.

2- All white interiors have gone to the dark side

Sure, all-white kitchens have a clean, airy feel, but designers are looking to pump new life into the heart of the home with dark cabinetry and bold brass fixtures.

3- Shiplap is sunk

The sun is setting on shiplap. This once-popular paneling trend is on the way out. While textured walls are still popular, stone and metallics are on-trend for the new year.

4- Matching furniture gets kicked to the curb

If you’ve stressed about making sure your furniture matches, 2021 invites you to throw caution to the wind and simply embrace comfort and color rather than perfect symmetry.

5- Accent walls lose their luster

The accent wall’s moment in the spotlight is over. If you want to create a focal point, do it with linen or cloth wallpaper, which aligns with the textured wall trend.

6- Rose gold’s forecast is less than rosy

The “pretty in pink” decor trend is done. Rose gold will take a backseat to brass in 2021.

So, if you’re planning on giving your home a facelift this year, keep in mind some of the trends you’ve been used to seeing will soon look outdated—add some of the up and coming trends into your home instead!

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